being fluent, accurate & proficient is the ultimate sophistication

"Happy New Year 2022"

Praise the Lord for taking us through 2021. Our prayers and best wishes go out to you, your family and loved ones in the New Year. We hope we are able to add value to your life in some way or the other via the things we do.

"Speaking any language Fluently, Accurately and Proficiently is the ultimate sophistication a man can acquire. The mastery of a language itself is the most sophisticated skill one can boast."

“I Want to be great at English”

... is probably the best decision you've taken!

The Good News

We have moved all our programs, courses and trainings ONLINE for the time being
because of the environment we’ve been plunged into.

David Conrad Linus is the #1 in Fluency, Accuracy and Proficiency!

The TOP 3 Non-Negotiable reasons WHY you should begin learning English right away

  1. English has indisputably become the Global Lingua Franca (language) of politics, business & commerce and society today.
  2. English has become the de-facto language of communication due to the shift in global dynamics brought about by the pandemic. 
  3. WFH is the new normal now, and communication is the most important soft skill you must possess else you will not be able to carry out your job responsibilities up to the required standards.

"Make 2022 the year of communication"

Learn to get your message across. We want to hear some good things this year.
Be the person to soothe the world with your words.

Call us for the following -

1). Basic English (Grammar)
BEG Levels 1 and 2

3). Public Speaking &
Presentation Mastery
Levels 1 to 5 (20 Professional Projects)

4). Pronunciation Mastery
(Voice & Accent)
Accent Plus, Advantage & Advanced

5). IELTS Exam Preparations
Prep 10, Prep 20 and Prep 40

LIVE online workshops

Join one of our LIVE Online Intensive Workshops - Today!

The Ultimate 80-Hour Workshops during the week and at the weekends
to help you learn of the POWER, and the TRICKS of Mastering English

David's Ultimate
Communication Skills Workshops

  1. Spoken English : – Level A1, A2, B1, (B1+) & B2
  2. Presentation Mastery :- 10 Professional Projects
  3. Voice & Accent :- Accent Plus & Advantage

The FEATURES of the Ultimate Communication Skills Workshops

  1. Fully Recorded Workshops (Door in to Door out)
  2. 5 Year ONLINE access to the next 5 Workshops
  3. 10 year access to tests, exercises and video lessons

Note:- ‘The Ultimate Spoken English Workshop’, ‘the Ultimate Presentation Mastery Workshop’ and ‘The Ultimate Voice & Accent workshop’ are each three separate workshops of 80 hours each.

Special Note:-  guarantee ** here means that every aspect of our course/program/training will be delivered to the best of our abilities and capacities in conjunction with the utmost cooperation and participation of the student/participant/candidate bearing in mind that every faculty of the learner is normal  (clinically, mentally, psychologically, physically, socially and emotionally among other normal standards) as per normal standards.