english is A Wonderful Gift

We have resumed our normal ONLINE classes and our team at ‘English in 30 Days’ aka John Smith aka David Conrad Linus would like to thank you for your overwhelming support, patience and kindness and we hope you stay and remain protected, safe and healthy. Thank you.

“Let’s get going and let’s become masters and experts in English Communication.”

“English is a language which creates infinite possibilities with the use of a few letters systematically used”

Hindi Speakers - Speak English in 30 Days Now.

"If you speak Hindi and do not speak English, then you will be able to speak English in 30 days; because, the program is built in such a way that any Hindi Speaker who is a first time English learner will be able to speak Fluent, Accurate and Proficient A Level English in 30 Days".

'English in 30 Days'
- is a bold project to ensure you speak Fluent, Accurate and Proficient English in 30 days.

You probably already know this!

  • English is the Global Lingua Franca (Language).
  • English is the Language of science and research.
  • English is the Language of the media industry.
  • English is the primary Language of the Internet.
  • English is the most widely used language for travel.
  • English is the Language of business and commerce.
  • English helps you get into the best universities.
  • English can help you get a variety of jobs of your choice.

Most importantly - knowing English means getting paid more.

And the GOOD NEWS is that ...

We have moved all our PROGRAMS, COURSES and TRAININGS ONLINE for the time being because of the environment we’ve been plunged into.

Your decision to better your English” Is definitely the best decision you have taken!

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A 5-Day and 8 Hours per day Highly Intensive Fast Track workshop to refurbish your Spoken English skills to get you going.​

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10-Day Workshop

A 10-Day and 4 Hours per day Fast Track workshop to refurbish your Spoken English communication skills and to get you going.​

20-Day Workshop

A 20-Day and 2 Hours per day Standard Fast Track workshop to solidify your Spoken English skills and to get you flying.

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Discover the opportunities you can exploit with the POWER of English and explore all the POSSIBILITIES you have at hand to empower yourself.

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