English in 30 Days

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Hindi Speakers - Speak English in just 30 Days Now.

“If you speak Hindi and do not speak English, then you will be able to speak English in 30 days; because, the program is built in such a way that any Hindi Speaker who is a first time English learner will be able to speak Fluent, Accurate and Proficient Level ‘A’ English in just 30 Days. Yes, that’s right! English in 30 Days”.

‘English in 30 Days’ is a bold and ambitious project to make you speak Fluent, Accurate and Proficient English in just 30 days.

“I Want to be great at English”

Is probably the best decision you've taken!

The Good News

We have moved all our programs, courses and trainings ONLINE for the time being
because of the environment we’ve been plunged into.

David Conrad Linus is the #1 in Fluency, Accuracy and Proficiency!

My list of the THE unquestionable Benefits of English fluency

  • Doing business becomes easier
  • Travelling becomes enjoyable
  • Making more money is assured 
  • Studying abroad becomes easier 
  • Speaking English helps in Immigration
  • Enables living an exponentially better professional and social life
  • Communicating with your global counterparts becomes effortless
  • Helps you in becoming the cynosure of all eyes when you speak before people
  • Most importantly, start sounding POSH, REFINED and SOPHISTICATED

My top 9 reasons WHY you should begin learning English right away

  • English is the Global Lingua Franca (Language) for it is the official language of 67 countries
  • English is the Language of science and research
  • English is the Language of the media industry
  • English is the primary Language of the Internet
  • English is the most widely used language for travel
  • English is the Language of business and commerce
  • English helps you get into the best universities all over the world
  • English can help you get a variety of jobs of your choice
  • Most importantly – knowing English means getting paid more

The Programs I Conduct

1). Basic English (Grammar)
BEG Levels 1 and 2

2). Spoken English – General English & Business English
CEFR Levels A1, A2, B1, B1+, B2 and C1

3). Public Speaking & Presentation Mastery
Levels 1 to 5 (20 Professional Projects)

4). Pronunciation Mastery (DP Voice & Accent)
Accent Plus, Advantage & Advanced

5). IELTS Exam Preparations
Prep 10, Prep 20 and Prep 40

Spoken English

Join the community of winners today!

  1. 50000+ Students & Professionals benefitted
  2. 1200+ Batches have graduated
  3. 99% are Enjoying a prosperous life
  4. 99% have Rated our programs ‘Excellent’

Why study at David Conrad’s?

  • “Excellent” based on 1000+ independent reviews
  • Over 15 years of refined experience
  • Tailored training delivers clear results
  • Memorable experiences OFFLINE and ONLINE

Fluency, Accuracy & Proficiency is a guaranteed item at David Conrad's.

Public Speaking
& Presentation Mastery

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Carl W. Buechner

The program *GUARANTEES

  1. The Elimination the FEAR of speaking to a live or online audience so that you never miss a chance to make a profitable impact
  2. The DEVELOPMENT of Business Opportunities/Careers Paths through Effective Communication
  3. The ENGAGEMENT of audiences with inspirational content and delivery so as to get them to buy
  4. The PRESENTATION of a compelling “Call to Action” so your diary is FULL and you mint money

On this course, you will be able to ...

  • Master universal tools and principles of classical storytelling
  • Apply powerful storytelling techniques to presentations
  • Use body language to enhance physical presence
  • Moderate and participate in panel discussions to a high standard + much more

David Conrad's is the place to become a POWERFUL public speaker, presenter and leader par excellence.

(or Voice & Accent)

The 'David Conrad's' Voice & Accent
... develop an accent unlike any other

  1. Accent PLUS :- Master the IPA Symbols and master how to read the IPA script

  2. Accent ADVANTAGE :- Master all the above and the correct pronunciation and accent of words in isolation

  3. Accent ADVANCED :- Master all the above and the various mechanics of an accent (tone, inflection, modulation and connected speech)

Why study at David Conrad’s?

  • “Excellent” based on 1000+ independent reviews
  • Over 15 years of refined experience
  • David is the PRACTICAL example of his own techniques
  • David speaks Native RP that he mastered on his own

Sound posh, refined and sophisticated every time you give a speech in English.

Join one of these
Intensive Workshops
- Today!

2-Hour Workshops during the week and at the weekends to learn of the POWER and the TRICKS of Mastering English

David's Ultimate
Communication Skills Workshops

  1. Spoken English : – Level B1, B1+, B2 and C1
  2. Presentation Mastery :- 10 Professional Projects
  3. Voice & Accent :- Accent Plus & Advantage

The FEATURES of the Ultimate Communication Skills Workshops

  1. Fully Recorded Workshop (Door in to Door out)
  2. 5 Year ONLINE access to the next 5 Workshops
  3. Help and support is just a call away; 9 to 5

Note:- ‘The Ultimate Spoken English Workshop’, ‘the Ultimate Presentation Mastery Workshop’ and ‘The Ultimate Voice & Accent workshop’ are each three separate workshops of 20 hours each.

Special Note:-  guarantee ** here means that every aspect of our course/program/training will be delivered to the best of our abilities and capacities in conjunction with the utmost cooperation and participation of the student/participant/candidate bearing in mind that every faculty of the learner is normal  (clinically, mentally, psychologically, physically, socially and emotionally among other normal standards) as per normal standards.