About Me

Hello folks, I am David Conrad Linus, a proficient and result producing Spoken English Teacher, a writing Coach and an IELTS Trainer. I teach English as a foreign or second language. I love to share my knowledge and experience on the subject and opportunities associated with English with my students and colleagues.

I have been teaching English for over 15 years now. I earlier devised a workable method by which first time English learners learnt and spoke the language fluently in 60 days. The project was a success and has laid the ground for me to work further, on reducing the number of days from 60 to 30. This is a bold step I’ve taken to make you a fluent, accurate, and proficient English speaker in 30 days.

You will not only become a speaker of the English language but an authority on the language just as I have over time.

Additionally, I coach people wanting to get through their IELTS with a high band score. 90% of the people I have coached have made the cut with an 8777 (eight triple seven) on their first attempt and the rest in their second and third attempts respectively. My approaches and methods are intensive and process focused which ensure a desired band score for test takers.


I am also a very accomplished Public Speaker and Debater. I’m an active member of the Toastmasters International and have held various honorary positions ranging from the Sergeant at Arms to the President of the Club. I’ve also held offices of the Language Developer at the Division and District. I am also the founding member and an active evangelist of the International Debating Union (a not-for-profit organisation in pursuit of communication excellence). Furthermore, I have been awarded numerous ‘Best Speaker’ awards at various levels of contests held by these organizations.


I take my skills to the corporate world. I’ve been fortunate insofar that my work itself has made me a much sought-after Corporate Trainer and facilitator of the English language. I conduct various corporate programs that are either off the rack or bespoke. The results and changes in the trainees are proof of my approach and methods, which has earned me a name in the Learning and Development circles around India.


Just a tip! Do these things every day for at least 45 minutes (15 minutes to each bullet point) and you will see the magic you’ve been waiting for.


  • Read, read and read every day and as much as you can.
  • listen, listen and listen every day to BBC and CNN without fail to learn through listening.
  • Speak, speak and speak a few examples over and over again till it becomes second nature.

My CORE Values

I believe that one of the best ways to create a positive impact on one’s students or participants is to develop your own core values.


I am open to the engagement of my students in their own discovery of the power of the English language


I am true and honest on my commitments and deliver what is agreed upon to the exact measure


I demonstrate a patient approach for the art because it takes time for establishing conventions

A few of my well wishers

This was very useful. I liked and enjoyed the journey of learning in these five weeks. The instructor David Conrad is very clear and teaches very interestingly. He is poised, cheerful and professional. My best wishes for his continued success. 

Suman Jha – June 2020

I’ve gained a lot by pursuing this superb course. Small pronunciation and word stress errors have been cleared. I strongly encourage suggest Hindi speakers to take up this course. He’s comfortable teaching in English and Hindi.

Rupesh Yadav – May 2019

This is a wonderful course. I really learned a plethora of things. And the instructions and the teaching methods are easy to follow. I recommend it everyone who wants to improve their professional English speaking skills; specially Hindi speakers for the first two levels.

Raushan Kumar – November 2020

This course is really amazing. The assessments make it more fun as you begin to use what you learn in the module and to actually practice it and to get peer reviews is priceless. I enjoyed every bit of it. I would in all earnestness recommend this program to anyone desiring proficiency.

Arjun Singh – February 2021