Who am I?

David Conrad Linus = John Smith

About me

Hello Folks, I am David Conrad Linus (aka John Smith) and I’m a proficient and result producing Spoken English Teacher & Instructor and an IELTS Writing Trainer & Coach. I teach English as a foreign and second language and I love to share my knowledge and experience on the subject and opportunities associated with English with my students and colleagues.

I have been teaching English for over 15 years now and I devised a workable method by which first time English learners learnt and spoke the language fluently in 60 days. The project has been a success and has laid the ground for me to work further, on reducing the number of days from 60 to 30 for new learners of any age and level. This is the bold step I have taken to make you a fluent, accurate and proficient speaker in 30 days.

You will not only become a speaker of the English language but an authority and teacher of the language just as I have.


Additionally, I also coach people wanting to make the cut on their IELTS band scores. 90% of the people I have coached have made the cut with an 8777 (eight triple seven) on their first attempt and the rest in their second and third attempts. My approaches and methods are intensive, and process focused, and this gives the test takers a clear and accurate chance of making the cut.

I am also a very accomplished Public Speaker and Debater and I’m an active member of the Toastmasters International and have held various honorary positions ranging from the Sergeant at Arms to the President of the Club, and I’ve also held offices of the Language Developer at the Division and District. I am also the founding member and an active evangelist of the Debating Union of Delhi. Furthermore, I have been awarded numerous ‘Best Speaker’ awards at various levels of contests held by these organizations.

I also take these skills of mine to the corporate world and I’ve been fortunate insofar that my work has allowed me to be pursued as a much sought-after Corporate Trainer and facilitator of the English language. I conduct various corporate programs that are either off the rack or bespoke. The results and changes in the trainees are proof of my approach and methods and it looks like this has helped me in becoming quite a name in the Learning and Development circles around India. 

Just a tip! Do these things every day for at least 15 minutes (5 minutes to each bullet point) and you will see the magic you’ve been waiting for.

  • Read, read and read every day and as much as you can.
  • Practise all the examples I refer to in my videos and the links I share.
  • Please do not over expand, just practise a few examples over and over again till it becomes second nature.

Extraordinary Testimonials

Suman Kumar Jha from the District of Supaul, Bihar  

I went to David along with two of my friends in 2015 with a passion and zeal to become an accomplished English speaker and to eventually become an English teacher. We didn’t even have an iota of knowledge and we worked hard and followed David’s instructions to the letter and left in 2018 armed with highly competent English language skills and a bachelors degree in English from IGNOU. (read more …)

My Core Values

I believe that some of the best ways to create a positive impact on one’s students or participants is to develop your own core values.

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