Basic English Grammar

     The ultimate course for absolute beginners who have decided to learn English. Learn the basic of the English grammar between levels A0 and A0+ and be able to work grammar for your written and spoken production like a pro.

Spoken English

     Our general English courses are designed for people who want to improve fluency and accuracy in English. Our Spoken English programs include both General English levels  and Business English Proficiency between A1 and C2.

Public Speaking

     David’s Public Speaking Course “The Art of Public Speaking & Presentation Mastery” is designed to balance theory and practice in a fun and experiential course.

Voice & Accent

     This ultimate program is developed with the objective of serving the needs of all those professionals training for PRONUNCIATION EXCELLENCE and wanting to develop an identifiable Voice & Accent.

Writing - IELTS

     Study with David’s  IELTS and you can approach this important exam with complete confidence. Your  experience will include fun, interesting lessons and a professional teacher who wants to see you succeed.

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