Public Speaking

David Conrad Linus’ Public Speaking Course “The Art of Public Speaking & Presentation Mastery” is designed to balance theory and practice in a fun and experiential course. Coaching is focused on building your personal confidence when making a variety of presentations.

All courses cover fundamentals such as speaking without notes, handling nerves, starting and structuring presentations.

The program *guarantees you will

  • Eliminate FEAR of speaking to a live or online audience
  • Develop Business/Careers through Confident Communication
  • Keep audiences engaged with inspirational content & delivery
  • Deliver a compelling “Call to Action” so your diary is FULL!

After this course, you will be able to

  • Master universal tools and principles of classical storytelling
  • Apply powerful storytelling techniques to presentations
  • Use your body language to enhance your physical presence
  • Moderate and participate in panel discussions to a high standard + much more

Benefits of David’s program

  • Increased confidence when speaking to a public audience
  • Greater ability to overcome anxiety and nerves when preparing to speak publicly
  • New techniques to enhance your own personal style
  • The opportunity to practise and assess your current strengths
  • The ability to use and control your voice more effectively

Who should attend?

  • If you are in a role which involves addressing small and large audiences
  • If you are into making formal presentations or speaking at conferences on a regular basis
  • If you are responsible for leading town hall style meetings in your organization

Why study at David’s Public Speaking Centre?

  • Rated “Excellent” based on over 1000 independent client reviews
  • Over 10 years’ experience
  • Tailored training delivers clear results
  • Memorable experiences in Delhi or Gurgaon

These stats and figures is proof why people like to study  with me. Join the community of winners today.

  • 4000+ Students & Professionals benefitted
  • 100+ Batches
  • 99.9% Enjoying a better life
  • 99% Rated ‘Excellent’

Remember – speaking English like Shashi Tharoor or a Native Speaker is absolutely possible. I do it and I completely believe you can do it too. Yes, you can.

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