Spoken English

Our Spoken English (General English & Business English) courses are designed for people who want to improve fluency and accuracy in English. Some people who do these courses are learning for work, others for study or simply for personal interest.

We now offer Virtual Group training through virtual classrooms in small friendly groups for people who are unable to travel.

Our Spoken English programs include both General English levels between A1 and C1 and also Business English Proficiency levels between A1 and C1.

We offer CEFR General English levels and Business English Levels between A1 and C1

  1. A1 and A2 – Basic usage of the language (Beginner)
  2. B1 and B2 – Intermediate proficiency of the language (Intermediate)
  3. C1 and C2 – Proficient user of the language (Advanced)

Program features

  • CEFR Levels A1, A2, B1 & B2 (#1 rated Syllabus)
  • 120 concepts structurally put together
  • 150 exercises per lesson and over 18000 in total
  • 450-page work book for practice and proficiency
  • FREE access to all the video tutorials with a *2-year email and voice support

The benefits of English and fluency

  • The language of business is English
  • Travel experiences become enjoyable
  • People with fluency make more money
  • English opens up first class student opportunities
  • English is the foremost requirement for immigration
  • Professional and social life is exponentially better
  • Most importantly, sound POSH, REFINED and SOPHISTICATED

Who should attend these classes?

  • If you are in a role which involves addressing small and large audiences
  • If you are into making formal presentations or speaking at conferences on a regular basis
  • If you are responsible for leading town hall style meetings in your organization

Why study at David’s English Centre?

  • Rated “Excellent” based on over 1000 independent client reviews
  • Over 10 years’ experience
  • Tailored training delivers clear results
  • Memorable experiences in Delhi or Gurgaon

These stats and figures is proof why people like to study  with me. Join the community of winners today.

  • 5000+ Students & Professionals benefitted
  • 80+ Batches
  • 99.9% Enjoying a better life
  • 99% Rated ‘Excellent’

Remember – speaking English like Shashi Tharoor or a Native Speaker is absolutely possible. I do it and I completely believe you can do it too. Yes, you can.

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