Voice & Accent

This program is developed with the objective of serving the needs of all those professionals training for PRONUNCIATION EXCELLENCE and wanting to develop an identifiable Voice & Accent. This program will help in standardizing the production of speech. This is a detailed program on over 260 comprehensive sound patterns between elementary and advanced levels with enough information, to facilitate the learner, with general rules that will make the learner’s task of developing standard Pronunciation with a recognizable Voice & Accent absolutely possible.

It further helps the learner get acquainted with over 4,400 of the most common words in English, which constitute the core phonetic words of the language. In addition, the learner learns to read over 2,100 decodable sentences written with this core vocabulary. Anyone who learns to “fluently and accurately” read this material is very likely to become a good reader. Further, our experience has shown that this level of reading is achievable for most people, including children as young as four or five years and older students who previously struggled with reading.

The Program with its set of 12 modules across various developmental and progress levels ensures that a learner is adequately equipped to produce near native sounds and expressions of speech.

The AIM OF THIS PROGRAM / TRAINING is to introduce practical and useable techniques and strategies that professionals can effectively implement when speaking in the workplace or outside the workplace with correct Pronunciation.

Voice and Accent (British Accent – BBC / RP)

  1. Accent PLUS – Master the IPA Symbols and master how to read the IPA script
  2. Accent ADVANTAGE – Master all of Accent PLUS and the correct pronunciation and accent of words in isolation
  3. Accent ADVANCED – Master all of Accent ADVANTAGE and the various mechanics of an accent (tone, inflection, modulation and connected speech)

Program features

  • Very comprehensive methods and approaches to becoming a near native English speaker
  • 1000+ IPA associated words to give you a deeper understanding of IPA
  • 2000+ words with their IPA scripts to keep you practicing and perfecting the correct pronunciation
  • 3000+ speech articulation exercises

Benefits of Voice & Accent

  • Peak (with good pronunciation) from day one
  • Gain a deeper understanding of phonetics
  • Be able to understand how to pronounce even the most unfamiliar word correctly
  • Sound just like a Native every time to you speak to express yourself
  • Most importantly, sound POSH, REFINED and SOPHISTICATED

Why study at David’s English Centre?

  • Rated “Excellent” based on over 1000 independent client reviews
  • Over 10 years’ experience
  • Tailored training delivers clear results
  • Memorable experiences in Delhi or Gurgaon

These stats and figures is proof why people like to study  with me. Join the community of winners today.

  • 3500+ Students & Professionals benefitted
  • 80+ Batches
  • 99.9% Enjoying a better life
  • 99% Rated ‘Excellent’

Remember – speaking English like Shashi Tharoor or a Native Speaker is absolutely possible. I do it and I completely believe you can do it too. Yes, you can.

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