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'The Ultimate General and Business English Communication Workshop'

  • Takes you from being ‘nothing’ in English to ‘SUPER DUPER’in English Proficiency
  • The #1 Program across the Great Nation of India taking you from CEFR English Level A1 to CEFR English Level B2 in 80 hours
  • The # 1 Program that covers every aspect of the course with a simplistic teaching approach to ensure you become fluent, accurate and proficient in the English Language 
  • The ‘Ultimate’ Program that focusses on all the 4 bands of the English language, viz, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • The ‘Ultimate Aim’ is to ensure that you become a Champion of th language and a Champion public speaker
  • David Conrad Linus is the proof of his methods and teachings; he is living his teachings and methods and has native proficiency developed via his own systems and devices

And the ULTIMATE feature being - Pay ONLY once and learn for 10 YEARS!

  • One Payment = Access to 5 Live Online Workshops
  • One Payment = 10 Years of Access to An Ocean of Knowledge (Tests, Exercises and Videos)
  • One Payment = Complete Fluency, Accuracy & Proficiency
  • One Payment = The Total Amount We Charge; Not a Penny More

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Program Synopsis

  • Program Duration = 80 Hours (8 Weeks with 2-hour classes per day; 5 days a week)
  • Levels Covered = 4+1 (including B1+as a bonus level)
  • Grammar concepts = 140 between A1 and B2 with B1+ as a Bonus Level
  • Program Immersion = Hundreds and thousands of tests, exercises and videos to keep you focused and learning

What is the workshop about?

  • This is an 80-hour program / workshop  that has been condensed from a 500-Hour course 
  • This course has been meticulously put together keeping in mind Spoken and Written fluency, accuracy and proficiency
  • The most important factor is the simplicity with which the entire course has been arranged to help any level of leaners grasp the concepts with ease
  • The special feature is the immediate applicability of the concepts into practice so that learners start with developing their fluency, accuracy and proficiency from the first lesson itself

What are the workshop highlights?

  • The workshops are conducted by the Champion English Communicator and Public Speaker David Conrad Linus who is also a very famed Toastmasters
  • 3 strategically scheduled workshops across the year to give different audiences the opportunity to learn
  • 4 tactically planned classes in the day so as to give learners access to the classes between 6AM and 8PM
  • Never miss a class or a day of FUN learning English with OUR omnibus arrangement at the fraction of a cost compared to other English language providers

What are things I will take away?

  • Compose effective business communications, including proposals, presentations, and reports
  • Apply key communication methods; such as informational briefing, persuasive messaging, or conflict management to meet specific objectives
  • Master the techniques of public speaking, including message development, content, projection, inflection, and delivery
  • Develop and present communications of a wide variety; in a wide variety of settings namely:  between social and business, and be able to accomplish and profit from every interaction and engagement 

Who should attend this Workshop?

  • If you are in a role which involves addressing small and large audiences
  • If you are into making formal presentations or speaking at conferences on a regular basis
  • If you are responsible for leading town hall style meetings in your organization
  • If you are at any level and in any role and English is the medium of your instruction,  then you must attend this workshop to grow.

The truly study ANYTIME and from ANYWHERE program

  • PAY only ONCE and enjoy learning English for the next 10 years for less than the price of a cup of tea a day ‘anytime and from anywhere’
  • The entire 80-hour program is recorded from the moment you step in till the last day you step out, so that you can review the lessons again later; incase you missed something ‘anytime and from anywhere’
  • YOUR one time payment will entitle you to enjoy a 5-year access to the next 5 ONLINE workshops free of cost incase your classes get interrupted because of some pressing engagements ‘anytime and from anywhere’
  • Enjoy learning every aspect of the English language via a 10-year access to tests, exercises and video lessons ‘anytime and from anywhere’

Participation details


February 18th 22 | May 5th 22 | August 11th 22


Mornings:  6AM – 8AM | 9AM – 11AM

Evenings:  3PM – 5PM | 6PM – 8PM



Payment details


Option 1: ’30’ days before the date of the Workshop = Rs. 6500/-

Option 2: ‘5’ days before the date of the Workshop = Rs. 8500/-

Option 3: ‘within 5 days’ of the Workshop = Rs. 11500/-


A group upto 3 Participants = 10% OFF

A group upto 5 Participants = 15% OFF

A group more than 10 Participants = 25% OFF

Remember! The total VALUE of your one-time payment is equal to the following benefits

  1. You get to attend 5 workshops for the price of one workshop within the next five years. This means you get to attend 400 LIVE hours of training across 60 months
  2. You get access to the best-in-class material: i.e., tests, exercises and videos that you can revisit anytime for the next 10 years
  3. You get to reach CEFR B2 which is the equivalent of an IELTS band 7 with just one payment
  4. You get exposed to over 6000 words graded between A1 and B2 to give you a superior command over the English language
  5. You get to meet and network with thousands of learners on Facebook and Linked via the ‘The Ultimate English Learners’ groups and communities
  6. You get access to various clubs and organisations that spring up via alumni networks to support you

This was very useful. I liked and enjoyed the journey of learning in these five weeks. The instructor David Conrad is very clear and teaches very interestingly. He is poised, cheerful and professional. My best wishes for his continued success. 

Suman Jha – June 2020

This is a wonderful course. I really learned a plethora of things. And the instructions and the teaching methods are easy to follow. I recommend it everyone who wants to improve their professional English speaking skills; specially Hindi speakers for the first two levels.

Raushan Kumar – November 2020

I’ve gained a lot by pursuing this superb course. Small pronunciation and word stress errors have been cleared. I strongly encourage suggest Hindi speakers to take up this course. He’s comfortable teaching in English and Hindi.

Rupesh Yadav – May 2019

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